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AVC Coaching Team

Who We Are

We are always looking for future AVC coaches to assist in the growth of our program and players. If you're interested in becoming an AVC coach, click the button below! 


Kandys Graham

Avalanche Volleyball Club Director

18U Coach

At the age of 26, Kandys already has close to 10 years of coaching experience at varying levels ranging from middle school to the collegiate level. Kandys played club volleyball from the age of 10 and continued to play on a national level until she graduated high school. After high school, Kandys had multiple collegiate offers and ultimately decided to continue her education at Ferris State University. 


Kyle Crandell

Tournament Director

14U Coach

Kyle was an integral part of the creation of Avalanche Volleyball Club. He has dedicated years of his life to the growth of some of Northern Michigan's best volleyball athletes. Kyle has experience working with athletes from every age group and has always worked incredibly hard to improve and grow the club to accommodate more athletes and strengthen their experience!

(231) 373-6623


Coach Daryl

18U Regional Coach

Beach Coach

Daryl has enjoyed six years of coaching women's volleyball at varying levels ranging from middle school to high school. His coaching strategies are influenced by two decades of competitions outdoors in men's and coed volleyball tournaments including beach 2's, grass 2's, beach 4's, and grass 6's as well as indoors through Calvin University's men's intercollegiate 6's and intramural coed 6's. 

(231) 675-7570

Coach Hannah

Bio coming soon...


Coach Marlene

Bio coming soon...

Coach Sheila

Bio coming soon...

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