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Recruiting Guidelines

Our primary goal is to help any athlete in our organization explore and find the right opportunities to reach their goals. Below you will find our recommended steps for any athlete looking to further their volleyball career and education. 

Step 1. Build a List of Target Schools


Reach: 10-15 schools that would be a reach athletically (but based on the athlete's continued improvement in the gym, might be possible)

Realistic: 20-30 schools where the athlete is realistically trending athletically

Reserve: 5-10 schools that the athlete is confident they can play athletically

Note: All categories should take the athlete's academic goals into consideration


Athletic: What Division and/or conference are you capable of playing for? What do your current coaches think? 
Academic: What schools will you qualify for with your GPA and Standardized Test Scores? Do you know what you would like to major in? 
Social: How important is school size and campus life to you? 
Geographical: Do you want to be close to home? What type of campus are you looking for? 
Financial: Will I qualify for Athletic or Merit Scholarships? 

- Cast a WIDE net of schools. Better to start with a larger list and narrow it down.
- Building your target list of schools is a fluid process. You can change your list at any time!

Step 2. Create a Sports Recruits Profile

Create an online profile, either using NCSASports, another Recruiting service, or another online profile!

NCSA is one of the most highly rated recruiting services offered. AVC has an NCSA team profile where we can assist all of our AVC athletes in their recruiting efforts so if you create an NCSA profile be sure to add AVC as your coach! 


Game Highlights - clips of your best plays. Easy to make with HUDL
*We recommend this on your NCSA Profile
Skills Video - can be made at AVC during a private lesson session
Game Footage – should be one entire game of you playing. Be sure to let the coaches know which number you are and in what position you start in.

Step 3. Send an Introductory Email To Your Target List 

- Include your name, height, position, grad year, high school and club. Be sure to express interest in their school and volleyball program. Address the coach by name to start the email (ex. Coach Lindstrom)
- Include a link to your profile
- Include your Tournament Schedule
- Include your Coach's Contact Info & Club Director Kandys Graham's Contact Info.

Step 4. Evaluation

- If it is after June 15th of your Sophomore year, the coach can email you directly and let you know if they are interested. This is based on your grad year, position and brief evaluation of your profile & video as well as their needs for that class.

- If it is before June 15th of your Sophomore year, the coach can not email you back. They might email your coach or Club Director, Kandys Graham, to express "general interest". They will watch you LIVE (possibly several times) to watch your development and progress. They can send you questionnaires, camp invites, or non-athletic publications.

- Coaches will then EVALUATE YOU (through your HS or CLUB season)


Athletes will need to continue to communicate with College Coaches
Our recommendation is 1x a month with updates from tournaments, high school season, summer vacations, etc...

Step 5. Visits

After college coaches evaluate you and you are in their TOP group of players that they are recruiting in your position & class then they will invite you for a VISIT!

Official Visit - College can pay for transportation to and from the college for the student-athlete, lodging and three meals per day for the student-athlete and his or her parents or guardians, as well as reasonable entertainment expenses including three tickets to a home sports event.

Unofficial Visit - Athlete/Family pays for all expenses

Step 6. Offers

- Coaches can begin extending verbal offers on June 15th of the athlete's Sophomore Year

- Every coach & program do things differently but they should communicate the details of their offer and a timeline (if any) to make a decision

- After making a decision, be sure to contact all of the coaches/programs that were actively recruiting you to let them know of your decision BEFORE posting your commitment on Social Media!

Questions to Ask College Coaches 

  1. Are you recruiting my position?

  2. Do you have a timeline for recruiting my position?

  3. What are you looking for in a player for my position?

  4. Where do I fit on your list of recruits?

  5. What are your expectations of your players in the summer?

  6. What are the housing requirements for student-athletes?

  7. Do players live together?

  8. Can you describe your practice environment?

  9. What is your coaching style in matches and in practice?

  10. What is the culture like on and off the court?

  11. What is a typical day like for a student-athlete? Practice day? Game day?

  12. How do the players balance classes, studying, travel, practice, social life, etc.?

  13. What is the travel like for your conference?

  14. What student-athlete support services does your university offer?

  15. What is your spring season like? Practice and competitions?

  16. What is the game day atmosphere like?

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