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Ways to Play

Many families that are new to club volleyball have questions about what program is best for their daughter and where to get started. Below is an overview of the options to get started playing or training with Avalanche.


Avalanche Volleyball is looking to train athletes of all experience levels! Avalanche thrives on making the sport fun as you're introduced to the game of volleyball while challenging you to be the best of the best by the time you graduate high school.

We understand everyone has a different commitment level and volleyball goals, so we offer a variety of playing options! We welcome beginner volleyball players and LOVE to see new faces in the gym.

1. Join a Winter Season Team

Avalanche offers a variety of levels of teams. Each level has varying levels of commitment (time, cost & travel).

We offer 2 different levels of Teams:
1.  Regional
2. State


REGIONAL level teams are a great fit for athletes that are newer to the sport or have a schedule or budget that won't accommodate longer travel. The regional teams will practice once per week and will stay in the Northern Michigan region for tournaments. Regional teams will also attend mostly 1-day tournaments.

STATE level teams are the highest commitment level and are geared toward athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level. This includes an average of 2 practices a week and a healthy mix of 1-day and 2-day tournaments and includes regular travel to areas such as Detroit, Pontiac, Mount Pleasant, and Grand Rapids. State-level teams will attend a few local tournaments such as West Branch and Gaylord as well.

For a more detailed explanation of our Team Levels as well as specific 2024 Season Information, please use the following links:


- These teams are formed through a 2-day tryout process
- Athletes will be evaluated during the tryout and placed at the appropriate level from evaluation. We will notify you shortly after the tryout of placement and work with you to find the right team
- Tryouts require registration

- Our teams are open to girls ages 12-18 of any experience level.


*Spring Season is based on interest after winter season

2. Join a Beach Season Team

Beach season will run from June 2nd to June 29th with a tournament on June 29th. There are many day/time slots to choose from but act quickly because there is limited availability! Click on the button below for more information about our 2024 Beach season. 

3. Private and Small Group Lessons

Upon request, many of our Avalanche Volleyball coaches offer private or small group lessons throughout the year. Each coach schedules his/her own lessons. Private lessons begin at $60 an hour. Small group lessons can range from 3-8 athletes and begin at $30 an hour per athlete. If you are interested in starting private lessons, please reach out to

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